Week In Review | June 8th to June 14th



The heat and humidity are in full effect which means slower runs. The temperatures here in Florida are quite high, so I have slowed my runs down by a minute or more, but the length has not decreased.Ā garmin

I have upped my base run to 4 miles, which I probably should have done awhile ago. I ran 5 days out of this week and spent six mornings out of the week working through week 3 of Melissa Bender’s 30 day Lean Muscle Building challenge. I logged 22 miles this week including a trail race!oak hammock

The race was full of roots, humidity and fast runners (of which does not include me). My BGR #solesistas joined me and keptĀ the 4.6 miles entertaining. Ā The next trail race I have signed up for is next month at 4.5 miles and I hope to finish in under an hour. I am adjusting to the humidity, but it’s a slow process, none the lessĀ I am hoping that I will have adjusted by then.
oak hammock 2 oak hammock 3

I am still in maintenance mode until I begin training for my next marathon late next month. I’ve been eating my homemade protein bar as pre-running fuel. This weeks menu was quite delightful. I always enjoy a sweet potato based breakfast bowl, and with good meal prep, its an easy morning meal to prepare. My favorite meal this week has been my snack which was 1/2 cup Vanilla Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup Goji Agave Granola and 1/4 cup blueberries.Ā yogurt granolaTrader Joe’s Nonfat Vanilla Greek Yogurt is such a treat. It is high in sugars, but considering the other meals in my day I’m not concerned. Next week’s meal plan will post tomorrow.



2015 | The Plan


The new year is days away and I am looking forward to all it has to offer. I had a good 2014, but I will do a separate post concerning that. 2015 will be about leaning out, reaching new running goals and conquering snacking.


I am currently on the Hanson Half Marathon plan in preparation for a Half Marathon I am doing in March, however I have a 5k planned in January and a half in February as well.

I am doing a 12 week beginner weight lifting series I found on Pinterest as a simple and easy lifting option while training. Post training, inĀ the off season, I plan to go hard on the weights and really build some total body strength. I will spend the last part of the year training for another Marathon, of which I have yet to decide upon.

Altogether, I plan to have a dynamite year of fitness in 2015.


My annual soup season has already begun with a delicious chicken and vegetable soup (my recipe). Next up will be a Samosa soup, with what I hope will be a delicious take on one of my favorite dishes. I am now storing my soups differently and nixing the constant variety. Instead I make one pot of soup, eat it until it runs out and make another. I will do a video on how I store and re-heat my soup. I will continue with soup through the winter, and then move back to Mason Jar salads over the summer, not sure about Spring right now.

I have been slacking on my green smoothies, but I plan to start ingestingĀ a green smoothie with whey as my post exercise meal on workout days. They make such great recovery meals, and will not cutĀ into daily calories that way.

I need to get a better handle on dinner, so for the next year I plan toĀ meal planĀ around this bit of advice:

I want to take the serious thought process out and just eat based on my current goal. My immediate post holiday goal will be fat loss, so dinner will consist of mostly Protein and veggies. I am still snacking during work and eating soup immediately post. I have been bored with breakfast, but I need to eat what is in my house, so the immediate mission will be to “shop my house” until I run out of breakfast options.

I received a wonderful new camera as a Christmas gift, so I will also post a lot more in the new year.

*Cheers* to a New Year and an even better you!

July: 3 or 30 Rule Challenge


I have decided that for the month of July I will take on the 3 or 30 Rule as a fitness Challenge. Meaning every single day I will either run for 3 miles or do some sort of 30 minute fitness activity, which will more than likely be Yoga.

As you can see, this idea comes from a Popsugar.com post, from which I also want to do a twice a week weight training workout as well:

I tried the circuit once this past week and although it looks light, it is intense. I like the ease of the moves and the simple instructions. I am using 5 pound weights, which as I could tell the next day, is more than enough. I am shooting for twice a week because I have been running 4 days a week, so I will do the circuit after my first and middle run (before my rest days). I jump started the month and this challenge with a 5k:


My running is definitely beginning to improve because I found myself speeding toward the finish. Yes, I paced myself well enough to have energy in the end, and I am not sore today. Training actually works! (hahahaha). As far as food goes, I plan to keep on meal planning and eating clean with one excused meal a week.


My Go To Lunch Options


I take lunch to work daily, so I need something that is easy to store, holds up well for a couple of hours and doesn’t require a ton of day of prep. For me, that means that I have settled into a soup or sandwich routine.

Everyday I take either soup or a sandwich for lunch. I will do a separate post on how I do soups and maintain a variety, but with hearty soups, a bowl full is all I need, for vegetable soups I take a piece of toast to fill me up. Sandwiches are usually a veggie sandwich with cheese crumbles for fat or a meat sandwich with no cheese to lower calories. I am toying with the idea of veggie wraps, but I need to do more research into low cal, healthy and most importantly tasty wrap choices.

I do not make a plan each week to buy specific ingredients for my sandwiches, I just decide at the beginning of the week whether or not I am going to do veggie or meat sandwiches and purchase what I am missing. I keep my refrigerator stocked up with sandwich fixings:

Red Onion
Bell Pepper
Peppadew Peppers
Alfalfa Sprouts
Feta, Blu, or Gorganzola Cheese Crumbles
Meat (Turkey, ham, roast beef, chicken)
(when avocado’s are in season, I often use them for healthy fat instead)

I keep my freezer stocked up with several kinds of soup, portioned into single servings. This means that I can choose to have soup for a day or two, a sandwich for a couple days, and continue to switch it up. I also take leftovers because they are always a good, easy option. I do not take salad anymore because, well, it just doesn’t appeal to me at the moment.

Anyone out there take wraps? What tortillas do you use and how do they taste?

Before and After | January 13′ vs January 14′


13-14 bodyWell, I did it. the pics on the left are even before shred, and before I lost a couple of pounds. The pics on the left were taken yesterday morning. Last year was a good year in health for me. I lost and kept off a total of 15 (maybe if I am being completely honest, 17) pounds and I really started living a much healthier lifestyle. I made it through the holidays losing one pound instead of gaining 20 like I did in 2012. I plan to loose at least another 5 lbs this year and ultimately loose 10 more pounds. I plan to be consistent with my healthy eating, not eating so many sweets, and to just keep eating tasty and healthy food. This year is off to a good start, and I am quite optimistic about my goals. *Cheers* to a great year in Health & Fitness!