Healthy Changes | Iced Green Tea


I fell off of my daily green tea wagon  about two months ago because drinking lemon water, a green smoothie and green tea each morning was getting to be a bit much on my digestive system. Last month I came up with a solution that I am enjoying and can stick with.

teaI make a pitcher of iced green tea each week by brewing one bag of green tea and one back of fruity herbal tea together in 8 ounces of filtered hot water (I usually add honey as well). Once the tea has steeped, I fill the pitcher the rest of the way with filtered ice water, thus creating iced tea. I add a couple of lemon slices and leave the tea bags in. Voila! A prepared non-water drink right in my own home. I usually have a cup of iced green tea when I get home in the evenings or with dinner for a nice refreshing, sweet treat.

Who knew iced green tea could be so great!



Work | Water Intake


A couple of months ago I realized that I needed to figure out water and work. In general, I drink mostly water or tea, but while at work I was just drinking a bottle of water during lunch. From the research I’ve done, I came to the conclusion awhile ago that I should drink at least half of my body weight in water each day. I prefer to drink most of that water before 2pm due to the obvious reasons. Resultantly, I needed to figure out how I wanted to take more water to work without taking tons of water bottles each day.

First of all, the water bottle approach is not very cost effective. Secondly, the whole water bottle thing is not very eco friendly even if I recycle each and every one. Third, I just decided there was a better way. I found a solution through buying a glass water container from Whole Foods and then I received a free BPA free water bottle from the Turkey Trot 10k I did Thanksgiving Day. Problem solved:



I purchased the container on the left from Whole Foods Market, it holds 22 ounces of water, is glass and very easy to clean. I fill the water bottles with water from my filtered water pitcher (by Zero Water). The container on the right holds 24 ounces of water, for a total of 46 ounces of water. I usually drink 16 ounces of water before leaving home, meaning that by the time I get home I have already drunk 62 ounces of water. If I have one more cup before going to bed, I have met my daily goal. Surprisingly, just having both of the water bottles on my desk promotes water consumption. Since I started taking these containers to work, I have met my goal every single day, plus a glass of wine or bottle of ale every now and then along the way.

Lemon Water


 Every since I did Shred, I have been drinking lemon water    each and every morning. I stopped for about a week, and my digestion was just not the same, so I started back and have been happy ever since. I have tried organic and non-organic lemons and the difference is taste, not results. The organic lemon water has less of a bitter taste and much more of a refreshing taste. The ratio I use is 8 oz water to the juice of 1/2 a lemon. There is absolutely no point in doing this with anything except fresh lemon juice, otherwise you are not getting the benefits. I drink the water first thing, before I am even aware of life :-).

 The benefits of drinking lemon water:

1.Lemon water will help you cleanse your body of toxins, which is going to show on your skin. Lemons are full of skin-rejuvinating and anti-aging products.

2. Lemon water will improve your digestion. The lemon juice will activate the production of bile in your digestive system and when combined with water it will flush out the unwelcome stuff from your body to help with bloating and heartburn.

3. Lemon water eliminates headaches.

4. Lemon water fights infections. The high amount of Vitamin C in lemons fights illness.

5. Lemon water helps with weight loss. Lemons are full of pectin fiber, which will regulate your hunger levels.