#whatiatemonday | Vegetable Fajitas


This past week, the favorite Instagram post from my #whatiatemonday series was a tie between Vegetable Fajitas and a Green Smoothie. I’ve talked about green smoothies before, so I decided to share a recipe for Vegetable Fajitas.¬†veggie fajita dinner

I reserve two dinners a week as meatless meals, this means that I have really been stepping out of my box for dinners. A couple of months ago, I made fajita vegetables for a burrito bowl. I was rooting through my fridge, saw some tortillas and it hit me, Vegetable Fajitas!!! Well let me say, I haven’t looked back! This delicious treat is a hit not just for me, but for the man in my life as well.¬†fajita veggies

I love to pair a colorful assortment¬†of fajita vegetables with well seasoned beans for a filling delicious treat. I also love pickled jalapeno’s and will take any excuse to use them. Sometimes I¬†top¬†my fajitas with pico de gallo or guacamole or any number of options. The most important ingredients are beans, tortillas, and vegetables. Other than that, the options are endless! This recipe is for two, with 4 loaded fajitas total:¬†Veggie Fajitas rc

I like to use beans that I have cooked in a tomato sauce or a sofrito as the base in my fajitas, but you can still just open a can and season well. I try to stay away from refried beans as a healthier approach to tasty food. Let me know what meatless meals you enjoy as I am always looking for new recipes to try!


SO Over Salad…On to Sandwiches


My summer salad binge has come to a close, and now I want sandwiches. Yes, I have been eating sandwiches for lunch, basically since September began. I love Vegetarian sandwiches, I enjoy meat, but I find veggie sandwiches just have a lot more flavor. Plus, I will use any excuse to pile alfalfa sprouts onto a sandwich!

For my sandwiches, I like to start by taking a trip¬†to Whole Foods Market and purchasing a fresh loaf of bread. No white bread for me, I like the nutrients that grain¬†breads provide. Then I head over to¬†the olive bar and pick up Peppadew peppers. If you’ve never had them, go find some, they are divine!

Then I head either to Publix or Trader Joe’s and pick some innards. I like to use Honey mustard or Hummus as a spread for my bread, and I always have a slice of cheese (usually Pepper Jack, Provolone, or Monterey Jack). As stated above, Alfalfa Sprouts are a must. The rest of the ingredients change based on what I am feeling, but its usually some combination of Avocado, Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Pickles, Tomato, and/or Onion. I don’t add any leafy greens, instead I leave those to my daily green smoothie.

I usually take some fruit, veggies and potato chips as a side. I mean, I literally take a Tupperware container and put a little of each¬†into the small container. That strategy tends to keep me from eating too much of one thing.¬†For my next food post, I will compile a list of my summer Mason Jar salad’s, plus I will talk a little about Salad Dressing.