Current Fitness Routine | Strength and Cardio


As race season ended, I immediately began to think about spring training. I am running a marathon again in November, along with a few Half Marathons along the way. This means that I need to stay in training shape this Spring and Summer. Plus I want to get more strength training in to reach my goal of a leaner physique this year.

Lean and Fit

Along those lines, about a month ago I began to wake up 45 minutes earlier each day to get in a short strength training workout from Melissa Bender of I love her workouts as they are short, intense and effective workouts that are meant to be accomplished at home. This means that my home gym  has expanded just a little (more on that in another post). I will finish one of her 30 day challenges this Sunday, take a week to focus solely on core and then I will hit another 30 day challenge to push into summer. These challenges keep me active 5 or 6 mornings a week, which means that I save my running for the evenings.

I am currently in the second week of the Hal Higdon Spring Training program (Intermediate level). I particularly like his schedule because it includes tempo runs, strength training, speed play and long runs. Basically everything I need to stay in shape until I begin Fall training. I am still racing over the summer, but nothing over 6 miles. The Florida heat and humidity is already serious!


I signed up for a DietBet challenge, and I plan to post pics of my before and after as well as nutrition along the way. As always, you can see photos of my training on my Instagram (Missmusic12) and through the hashtag #morfitme.


My Weekly Meal Plan + First Quarter Races


I have decided to begin sharing my weekly meal plan. It is undeniable that food is a major part of staying healthy and in shape. Accordingly, I take a day each week to plan meals for the week, grocery shop and prep. Last weeks meal plan turned into these 4 delicious meals and two snacks:

Meal Plan

Smoothie Bowl
Base: 1/2 banana, water, oj, cup mixed fruit   Toppings: 1/2 banana, granola, chia seeds, almonds

Chicken Salad w/Mixed Fruit
Simple chicken salad: Canned chicken (in water), greek yogurt, mustard, adobo seasoning, pepper, salt, avocado (lime juice squeezed over top), roma tomato

Indian Curry Chicken w/veggies and brown rice
Check the favorite recipes tab for a look at my favorite Indian Curry Chicken video. For veggies I used broccoli and bell pepper.

Mahi Mahi over quinoa w/veggies
My favorite Mahi Mahi recipe (also under favorite recipes tab) is simply seasoned with a butter sauce over top. I like to use Rosemary as my main herb, comes out perfect every time.

Protein Snack Pack
Boiled eggs, beef jerky, Kind bar

I did not take a picture of my cheat meal for the week, which was a couple of delicious sushi rolls. Dessert was a small butter pecan ice cream cone (yummy!!!) This week I have the same number of meals planned, different deserts, plus my cheat meal will be my birthday dinner.

written meal plan

For those interested, I posted a video on my Youtube channel in which I talk about the races I have completed so far this year along with a look at each medal and my medal rack:

Check out my Instagram for pics of the races and more food stuffs.

Running Gear


As late I have been running longer, and in colder weather. The time is also changing which means its dark either when I start my run or by the time I finish. Florida drivers make it necessary for runners/walkers/and bikers to be extra cautious, and to do everything we can to ensure our own safety. So, I’ve purchased some new running gear and have made a list of what else I need to purchase.

1. Nathan QuickShot Water Bottle

I am running faster, and longer which means that I need water! I have been running thirty minutes or less for years, but now my long runs are taking me past the 30 minute mark and I need water. I find that the best time for me to drink water is as I am doing my cool down walk because I get home, drink a glass of water and that’s it for awhile. When I take water with me, I drink it on the way home and I drink a couple of glasses once I enter my house. Also, if I run for more than 40 minutes, I find that if I drink a couple of ounces at the 20 minute mark, I finish stronger, sometimes even picking up the pace as opposed to slowly decreasing until I halt. This has led me to purchase a hand held water bottle from my local running store.

2. Nathan Reflex Reflective Snap Bands

Its dark, a car and I come up to a stop sign at the same time. I need to run in front of the car, but I can’t tell if they see me or not, so I just wait for them to go. If they see me, they also wait for me to go, creating this awkward moment that makes us both feel annoyed and sheepish. OR the car doesn’t see me and the driver is startled when I emerge on the other side of their car after going behind the car to get around. Both scenarios have led to purchasing four snap bands, two for my legs and two for my arms. I thought about a running vest, but I went with the cheaper option. Lo-and-behold, they were a great purchase. The continuous moment of my arms and legs is more likely to be seen by a driver than most static alternatives. My local running store is truly getting to know my face.

3. Long, Warm, Sweat Wicking Pants

I need to buy a couple pairs of pants for running. I’m not talking yoga pants, I’m talking warm, sweat woking pants just for running. I am thinking about making a Lululemon purchase, but that seems like a whole lot of money for pants, I mean a whole lot. Instead I plan to go to Target, TJ Maxx and Marshalls this weekend to see what I can find. Florida has only experienced one cold front so far, so I have a little while before I truly need running pants, so I have time to do some foot research.

4. Garmin Forrunner 10

As I train for these races, and I run in groups, I am truly beginning to see the advantage of a watch that tells you your stats as you run. I currently use MapMyRun on my phone, and even though it works just fine, its really not nearly as convenient or as accurate as gps watches. Not to mention the watches that do those things are cool and somewhat of a racing-runner right of passage. I think I will purchase this watch (if so, I will not make a Lululemon purchase right now).

If you read this and are a runner, tell me your top running gear essentials.