My First Marathon | The Experience


I am so excited to say that I am officially a Marathoner! I completed the Space Coast Marathon in Cocoa Beach, Fl. this past weekend. It was difficult, but I finished and I actually want to do another Marathon next year! The video below goes into greater detail about the entire experience:

I am now in recovery mode, which means light running and lots of yoga.



Half Marathon Recap | Running for the Bay 2014


A couple of weeks ago I ran the Running for the Bay half marathon in Apalachicola, Fl.

running for the bay     running for the bay2

The race was very scenic for the most part and I really felt good about my preparation overall. Naturally, the video below goes into more detail concerning my experience:

Would I do the race again? Definitely not, but as a result I feel really good about my Marathon training. Next Up, Turkey Trot 5k!

Fitness Update | Marathon & Strength Training


Its time! Time for me to hit my Marathon Training hard. I have been doing the Jeff Galloway 52 weeks plan most of the year, but recently I found myself bored with it, so last week I began the Hal Higdon Novice 2 training plan for the Marathon. I am exactly 16 weeks out, meaning I changed over last week starting in week 2 of the program.

bgr tee

I wasn’t feeling mentally prepared for my long runs on the Jeff Galloway program, which is totally subjective. The plan was effective¬†as I was in good shape to switch to Hal Higdon’s program. I am enjoying his program, and will continue with it until the Marathon. I also wanted to incorporate some strength training, but I did not want to go to a gym or spend an hour on an at home fitness routine. Plus, all of the weight training programs I was running into on the internet did not take into account that I am running so much. In other words, I did not want to sacrifice my running for strength training.

After much searching, I ran across a strength training plan for runners on Runners for $49. It just so happens that my $70/month gym membership contract just ended, so I went ahead and purchased the program. Its low budget, but who cares. It is set up specifically for runners! The program should help me stay injury free and give me the necessary strength to complete my first Marathon with less of a grimace on my face :-).

strength kit

I begin the Strength Training for Runners program today, so I will update in four weeks. In the meantime, I plan to purchase a Camelback because I am finding that I need more water for my long runs and the handheld water bottles I have are heavy and annoying. Have I given up Yoga? Nope, never! I still practice¬†Yoga most mornings, I haven’t been to a class in awhile because they do not fit in my schedule, but I have been keeping up with my Tara Stiles DVDs, Kino Yoga on Youtube, and I recently discovered

I am staying active, eating healthy, and it shows (I’ll post a current pic of myself laster tonight)!

New Toy | Garmin Forerunner 220


I made a promise to myself, that if I stayed consistent with my running for over a year, I would purchase a GPS running watch. I’ve been running for at least 4 years now, but I always used to slack off when it got cold because I just do not like cold weather, but not this year. I scheduled two races at the beginning, in the middle of winter, and at the end of winter to give me the necessary push to keep running.

Now that its Spring, I really need no motivation other than warm weather, so no problems here. I met that goal and surpassed it, so I went ahead and purchased a Violet and White Garmin Forerunner 220:



I have taken it out a few times for short runs and intend to take it out for a 9 miler this Saturday morning. Its been freakin awesome!!!! I don’t have to use my phone, which can get quite heavy on the arm when doing long runs. I don’t have to sign in to my phone to check my mileage, I don’t have to wait for a little voice to tell me my stats, nope I can just look down at my beautiful watch and get everything on one screen. Was it expensive, yes, but was it worth the investment? Hells yea! My marathon training just got easier!

Half Marathon Training | Intro



Week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Total
1 1.5 rest 2 1.5 rest 2.5 rest 7.5
2 1.5 rest 2 1.5 rest 2.5 rest 7.5
3 1.5 rest 2 1.5 rest 3 rest 8
4 1.5 rest 2 1.5 rest 3 rest 8
5 1.5 rest 2 1.5 rest 3.5 rest 8.5
6 1.5 rest 2 1.5 rest 3.5 rest 8.5
7 1.5 rest 2.5 1.5 rest 4 rest 9.5
8 1.5 rest 2.5 1.5 rest 4 rest 9.5
9 1.5 rest 2.5 1.5 rest 5 rest 10.5
10 1.5 rest 2.5 1.5 rest 5 rest 10.5
11 2 rest 2.5 2 rest 5.5 rest 12
12 2 rest 2.5 2 rest 5.5 rest 12
13 2 rest 3 2 rest 6 rest 13
14 2 rest 3 2 rest 7 rest 14
15 2 rest 3.5 2 rest 8 rest 15.5
16 2.5 rest 4 2.5 rest 8 rest 17
17 2.5 rest 4 2.5 rest 8.5 rest 17.5
18 2.5 rest 4 2.5 rest 9 rest 18
19 2.5 rest 4 2.5 rest 10 rest 19
20 2.5 rest 4 2.5 rest 4.5 rest 13.5
21 1.5 rest 2.5 1.5 rest 4 rest 9.5
22 1.5 rest 1.5 WALK 1 rest 13.1 rest 17.1