Before & After | Bender Fitness Lean Muscle Building Challenge


lean body back3This past weekend I completed┬áthe Bender Fitness 4 Week Lean Muscle Building Challenge. I really wasn’t expecting much in just 28 days. I mean, I am a realistic person. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the progress concerning my physique in just 4 weeks!lean body front3

The upper back portion of my body looks tighter, my lower back looks the same. My arms have slight definition and look broader. My legs are definitely leaner and stronger. Best of all, my stomach is shows just a little bit more definition and my “love handles” are a little less pronounced. Overall, I am quite happy with my four weeks of progress.lean body side3

This concludes the second phase of my 90 Day Lean Body Building Plan. The last portion concludes with the 21 Day Challenge. Alas I did not make my DietBet goal, but I’m ok with that. I lost two pounds and probably some inches (I did not track the inches “doh”) My overall goal this year is to obtain a leaner body, not lose lots of weight. I will do more comparison photos at the end of the challenge. On a totally separate note, I’m definitely tan! Gotta love Florida!

Get Lean in 2015 | The Before


As you may know, I have managed to keep the pounds that I lost over a year ago off, staying under 140 lbs until January. At which time due to the Holidays, I have maintained at 143 lbs. My Goal for 2015 is to lean out, which may or may not require me to loose more weight. Accordingly, I am changing my eating habits from maintenance again as well as amping up my fitness to break from maintenance to change.

IMG_0415 IMG_0420 IMG_0423

I have decided to do the weight lifting program as outlined in The New Rule of Lifting for Women, which I began last week. I took before pictures and recorded what I look like now, so I have a starting point to compare again in the coming months. I will go into more detail in later posts, for now, check out my starting point, and say goodbye because I will look different in just one month!

Before and After | January 13′ vs January 14′


13-14 bodyWell, I did it. the pics on the left are even before shred, and before I lost a couple of pounds. The pics on the left were taken yesterday morning. Last year was a good year in health for me. I lost and kept off a total of 15 (maybe if I am being completely honest, 17) pounds and I really started living a much healthier lifestyle. I made it through the holidays losing one pound instead of gaining 20 like I did in 2012. I plan to loose at least another 5 lbs this year and ultimately loose 10 more pounds. I plan to be consistent with my healthy eating, not eating so many sweets, and to just keep eating tasty and healthy food. This year is off to a good start, and I am quite optimistic about my goals. *Cheers* to a great year in Health & Fitness!