My Food Trigger Hour


You may say to yourself, huh? I’ve heard of trigger food, but a trigger hour??????

Welp, I discovered that there is an hour in the day where I am most likely to eat something not so great for me, or when I decide to not follow through on my fitness plan for the day. I often found myself stopping at a gas station on the way home to get some Jalapeno chips, a Nutty Butter Bar, a Honey Bun or a Cheesy Danish.

I finally decided to get that “little cheat” under control by first recognizing that I was indulging so frequently. It is quite easy to tell oneself that you are not cheating too much, but the scale tells me differently. I tried going cold turkey and that failed miserably (can you say super snack!). Last month I decided to just have a piece of fruit on standby in the car, I started with an apple, then graduated to halo’s, then a banana, etc.


Lo and behold, it’s working! I do not even eat my snack all of the time. It’s something mentally comforting about having an option for satisfaction that takes the power back from the food. This has been a breakthrough for me. I have found myself eating healthier and really sticking to my planned meals, and somehow that snowballs into me sticking to weekly fitness.

Who knew! Do you have a trigger hour?




One thought on “My Food Trigger Hour

  1. Wow, I totally relate. Every day when I come home from class I binge-snack. I always try to keep myself from snacking, but I love your idea of having a healthy snack at the ready just in case! And taking the power away from the food is something I’m definitely working on, let me know if you have any other tips!

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