How I Meal Plan | Morefitme


I wanted to share how I go about meal planning each month, mainly because seeing others posts on the subject helps me come up with new ideas. I plan monthly and make adjustments throughout the month based on my taste buds. Everything is explained in the accompanying video:

This method actually saves me money! In addition to planning one meat meal, one seafood meal, and one vegetarian meal a week. Each week, one of those meals is made in my crockpot. Usually toward the end of the week, I do not feel like cooking, and so I bust out the crock pot. I find it fun to create crockpot meals and the ease of it allows me to feel unburdened by healthy eating.

Please share your meal planning secrets with me, I love learning new approaches to healthy eating! Also, let me know if you have any questions.

My Weekly Meal Plan + First Quarter Races


I have decided to begin sharing my weekly meal plan. It is undeniable that food is a major part of staying healthy and in shape. Accordingly, I take a day each week to plan meals for the week, grocery shop and prep. Last weeks meal plan turned into these 4 delicious meals and two snacks:

Meal Plan

Smoothie Bowl
Base: 1/2 banana, water, oj, cup mixed fruit   Toppings: 1/2 banana, granola, chia seeds, almonds

Chicken Salad w/Mixed Fruit
Simple chicken salad: Canned chicken (in water), greek yogurt, mustard, adobo seasoning, pepper, salt, avocado (lime juice squeezed over top), roma tomato

Indian Curry Chicken w/veggies and brown rice
Check the favorite recipes tab for a look at my favorite Indian Curry Chicken video. For veggies I used broccoli and bell pepper.

Mahi Mahi over quinoa w/veggies
My favorite Mahi Mahi recipe (also under favorite recipes tab) is simply seasoned with a butter sauce over top. I like to use Rosemary as my main herb, comes out perfect every time.

Protein Snack Pack
Boiled eggs, beef jerky, Kind bar

I did not take a picture of my cheat meal for the week, which was a couple of delicious sushi rolls. Dessert was a small butter pecan ice cream cone (yummy!!!) This week I have the same number of meals planned, different deserts, plus my cheat meal will be my birthday dinner.

written meal plan

For those interested, I posted a video on my Youtube channel in which I talk about the races I have completed so far this year along with a look at each medal and my medal rack:

Check out my Instagram for pics of the races and more food stuffs.

My Food Trigger Hour


You may say to yourself, huh? I’ve heard of trigger food, but a trigger hour??????

Welp, I discovered that there is an hour in the day where I am most likely to eat something not so great for me, or when I decide to not follow through on my fitness plan for the day. I often found myself stopping at a gas station on the way home to get some Jalapeno chips, a Nutty Butter Bar, a Honey Bun or a Cheesy Danish.

I finally decided to get that “little cheat” under control by first recognizing that I was indulging so frequently. It is quite easy to tell oneself that you are not cheating too much, but the scale tells me differently. I tried going cold turkey and that failed miserably (can you say super snack!). Last month I decided to just have a piece of fruit on standby in the car, I started with an apple, then graduated to halo’s, then a banana, etc.


Lo and behold, it’s working! I do not even eat my snack all of the time. It’s something mentally comforting about having an option for satisfaction that takes the power back from the food. This has been a breakthrough for me. I have found myself eating healthier and really sticking to my planned meals, and somehow that snowballs into me sticking to weekly fitness.

Who knew! Do you have a trigger hour?