Healthy Snacking on the Go


I began a new job last month and between breakfast and lunch I have short breaks that are perfect for snacking, but are not long enough to eat a meal. Accordingly I have changed my eating schedule so that I eat breakfast as usual, eat a couple of snacks on breaks, eat meal 2 at 3pm and meal 3 in the evening. I do not snack between meal 2 and 3, but I may have a small snack in the evening sometime before bed.

I do not have a refrigerator, so after my first snack, I have to eat snacks that do not require low temps. Accordingly, I have found snacks that are healthy, some packaged and some not. I try to keep a mix of fruits, dried veggies and snack bars. Today I purchased these goodies for this weeks snacking:

fruit salad


1. Fall fruit salad: The jars contain one fruit salad for each work day. This week I mixed fuji apples, green grapes, hot house cucumbers, pineapple, and tangerine’s in a honey and lime dressing.

2. Apple Sauce: I make sure to purchase unsweetened apple sauce, usually I also check the ingredients to make sure that I am only eating blended apples!

3. Kind Bars: These are my favorite kind of snack bars. They are filling, simple, fairly cheap, healthy, and tasty. I usually eat just half a bar on a 5 minute break.

4. Trader Joe’s Fuji Apple Slices: These are so very very divine! They are simply freeze dried slices of apple. They are not a bunch of preservatives, no sweeteners, just apple. They are a perfect way to satisfy the need for crunch.

5. Saffron Road Wasabi Crunch Chickpeas: I like to have some kind of baked or freeze dried veggie or bean as another crunchy satisfying option.

I always make a fruit salad and take a snack bar, all the other snacks change each time I go to the grocery store. I love to try out a new dried veggie, roasted veggie, or dried fruit. I always take a $20 bill to ensure I never spend more than that on snacks because I want to be sure to eat healthy without breaking the budget.


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