Dinner Index


The meal I ponder the most each week is dinner. I have no issues with breakfast, I eat pretty much the same thing a week at a time and never get tired of it. Lunch has its limitations due to the fact that I am at work and have very little time to eat, so I take things that are easy and very portable. Snacks are the same. That leaves dinner to wonder over.

I enjoy cooking, but not every night. Plus I eat dinner out every weekend as my SO and I enjoy doing so. This means that I just need to make two dinner options with left overs each week. I have been able to come up with several options that I enjoy. Regardless, I often struggle over what to purchase for dinner each week, so I decided to create my own dinner index.

Maybe something like this?

What is a dinner index? It is simply a list of meal options and recipes that I enjoy for dinner. I am currently keeping a running list in my planner, have recipes pinned, bookmarked or favorited on Youtube. My goal is 30 dinner options that I enjoy and will satisfy my random cravings, I am currently at 22.

I currently like this option best right now.

I have yet to decide how I will take these meals from various places and compile them in to one. I have a recipe book where I keep family recipes, so I could create a section within that, or some kind of laminated page for easy access.

I will update this project each month, so feel free to throw suggestions my way.


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