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Mason Jar Salads | My Favorites


photo 2-1This summer, up until September I have been eating salads that I take to work in Mason Jars for lunch. I was able to eat a different salad each week, which kept me from getting bored and happy to try this again next summer. I thought I would just share some of my favorite ingredients for those who want to get into Mason Jar Salads.

photo 3-1

Roast Beef
Black Beans

Heirloom Tomatoes
Green Onion
Yellow, Red, Orange Bell Pepper

Dried Cranberries

Slivered Almonds

Blu Cheese
Herbed Feta

Organic Girl Power Green

I tried other ingredients, but the above are my favorites. My salad ingredient ratio combo is usually:
2 Veggies
Optional Fruit
Tablespoon Nuts
Tablespoon Cheese
Serving of Greens

photo 2-4

I never put my salad dressing in the jar, so I will do a separate post about¬†my favorite salad dressings. Plus I always use quinoa and beans together for a great dose of protein. I kept a box of plastic forks and paper plates at work all summer, and was asked just about every day what salad and dressing I was eating that week. ¬†These salads are quite high in good, healthy, sustainable calories. They are multi-vitamins in a jar, they are filling, they look gorgeous and are very easy to take to work. ¬†Give it a try! What are your favorite’s?photo 3-4

SO Over Salad…On to Sandwiches


My summer salad binge has come to a close, and now I want sandwiches. Yes, I have been eating sandwiches for lunch, basically since September began. I love Vegetarian sandwiches, I enjoy meat, but I find veggie sandwiches just have a lot more flavor. Plus, I will use any excuse to pile alfalfa sprouts onto a sandwich!

For my sandwiches, I like to start by taking a trip¬†to Whole Foods Market and purchasing a fresh loaf of bread. No white bread for me, I like the nutrients that grain¬†breads provide. Then I head over to¬†the olive bar and pick up Peppadew peppers. If you’ve never had them, go find some, they are divine!

Then I head either to Publix or Trader Joe’s and pick some innards. I like to use Honey mustard or Hummus as a spread for my bread, and I always have a slice of cheese (usually Pepper Jack, Provolone, or Monterey Jack). As stated above, Alfalfa Sprouts are a must. The rest of the ingredients change based on what I am feeling, but its usually some combination of Avocado, Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Pickles, Tomato, and/or Onion. I don’t add any leafy greens, instead I leave those to my daily green smoothie.

I usually take some fruit, veggies and potato chips as a side. I mean, I literally take a Tupperware container and put a little of each¬†into the small container. That strategy tends to keep me from eating too much of one thing.¬†For my next food post, I will compile a list of my summer Mason Jar salad’s, plus I will talk a little about Salad Dressing.