Meal Prep | 7.20.2014


Last weekend I was able to prep for the week in about two hours. It was quite interesting to see the amount of fruits and vegetables I was going to consume for the next week laid out on my table.

veggie table

I can say that I ate quite clean last week, and I enjoyed my food. When all was said and done I ended up with lunch for the week, green drinks prepped for the week and two meals (a total of 5 meals).


This made my week so very very breezy! It was my first time fully preparing dinner for the week, and it worked out very well. All I had to do was warm things up! After a long day, it was quite refreshing to come home to a tasty prepared meal. Anyways, the video is below:

Breakfast: Ceareal in Almond Milk

Lunch: Mason Jar Salads (Cobb inspired)

Dinners: Vegetable curry, Salmon and veggies, Mahi Mahi and veggies

Green Drink: Mean Green


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