July: 3 or 30 Rule Challenge


I have decided that for the month of July I will take on the 3 or 30 Rule as a fitness Challenge. Meaning every single day I will either run for 3 miles or do some sort of 30 minute fitness activity, which will more than likely be Yoga.

As you can see, this idea comes from a Popsugar.com post, from which I also want to do a twice a week weight training workout as well:

I tried the circuit once this past week and although it looks light, it is intense. I like the ease of the moves and the simple instructions. I am using 5 pound weights, which as I could tell the next day, is more than enough. I am shooting for twice a week because I have been running 4 days a week, so I will do the circuit after my first and middle run (before my rest days). I jump started the month and this challenge with a 5k:


My running is definitely beginning to improve because I found myself speeding toward the finish. Yes, I paced myself well enough to have energy in the end, and I am not sore today. Training actually works! (hahahaha). As far as food goes, I plan to keep on meal planning and eating clean with one excused meal a week.



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