Meal Prep | 7.20.2014


Last weekend I was able to prep for the week in about two hours. It was quite interesting to see the amount of fruits and vegetables I was going to consume for the next week laid out on my table.

veggie table

I can say that I ate quite clean last week, and I enjoyed my food. When all was said and done I ended up with lunch for the week, green drinks prepped for the week and two meals (a total of 5 meals).


This made my week so very very breezy! It was my first time fully preparing dinner for the week, and it worked out very well. All I had to do was warm things up! After a long day, it was quite refreshing to come home to a tasty prepared meal. Anyways, the video is below:

Breakfast: Ceareal in Almond Milk

Lunch: Mason Jar Salads (Cobb inspired)

Dinners: Vegetable curry, Salmon and veggies, Mahi Mahi and veggies

Green Drink: Mean Green


Daily Green Drink = Less Snacking


Starting two weeks ago, I decided to use my daily green drink as a snack replacement. Meaning, my mid morning and mid afternoon snacks are now a green drink. I blend a 32-36 ounce drink each morning, I drink half of it mid morning, store the rest in the refrigerator and drink the other half mid-afternoon.

green drink

I have finally ¬†worked my way over to more vegetable based drinks than fruit based. I find them to be more filling and they give me more energy throughout the day. I can’t call them juices, even though I do use the Whole Juice setting on my blander because I drink the pulp. However, I don’t know if I would call them Smoothies because even though I may use the smoothie setting instead, they do not come out thick like a smoothie. My drinks so far have been Mean Green and a Green Juice for beginners recipe.


The Mean Green was pretty good, and is one I will make again. The green juice for beginners has been tolerable, but not one I will repeat. I am on the hunt for another recipe to try next, so if you have any you recommend, please put it in the comments box below.


July: 3 or 30 Rule Challenge


I have decided that for the month of July I will take on the 3 or 30 Rule as a fitness Challenge. Meaning every single day I will either run for 3 miles or do some sort of 30 minute fitness activity, which will more than likely be Yoga.

As you can see, this idea comes from a post, from which I also want to do a twice a week weight training workout as well:

I tried the circuit once this past week and although it looks light, it is intense. I like the ease of the moves and the simple instructions. I am using 5 pound weights, which as I could tell the next day, is more than enough. I am shooting for twice a week because I have been running 4 days a week, so I will do the circuit after my first and middle run (before my rest days). I jump started the month and this challenge with a 5k:


My running is definitely beginning to improve because I found myself speeding toward the finish. Yes, I paced myself well enough to have energy in the end, and I am not sore today. Training actually works! (hahahaha). As far as food goes, I plan to keep on meal planning and eating clean with one excused meal a week.