Meal Prep | June 23, 2014


This past Sunday, I filmed my weekly meal prep. This weeks meals include Quiche for breakfast, Mason Jar Salads for lunch, Smoothies for meal 3 and watermelon for snack. Dinners are Spaghetti with red sauce, Mahi with vegetables, Salmon with vegetables, and shrimp stir fry. Prep was simple, and I broke it up into morning and evening.

My dad came over with watermelon and his melon slicer in hand, it was a father’s day gift to him that has turned out to be very very useful for all of us (purchased from Sam’s Club). Last week my sister made me a quiche and I loved it, so this week I made my first quiche using a recipe from Savory Simple. I have been enjoying my Mason Jar Salads since the beginning of the month mainly because the possibilities are endless! I did not need to prep anything for this weeks dinners, and so far, this week is going very smoothly.

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Lunch | Mason Jar Salads


Its warmer outside, and for the moment, I have had enough of soup and am happy with salads. I saw the Mason Jar salad idea on Pinterest last year and thought that would be the easiest take to work route. I have plenty of pint size Mason Jars, so I cleaned them, dried them with Microfiber towels and filled them to the brim.

photo 3-2

I live in Florida, so I knew that I was going to head to the Farmers Market to pick all of my veggies up at the lowest price.   I purchased Romaine lettuce, baby tomatoes, cucumber, and red bell pepper; I went to Sam’s Club and picked up a pound of Organic Baby Spring Mix; then I went to Trader Joe’s and picked up a whole chicken, gorgonzola crumbles, pecan pieces and almond slivers. With all of this stocked in my fridge and internet research, I put together 5 salads for the week.

photo 2-1

Week 1

I put the salad dressing in a separate little container because I just wanted to be sure my salad didn’t go bad before I was ready to eat it. To cook the chicken, I woke up Saturday, put the whole chicken in my crock pot along with some onion and spices and set it to high. I went for a run, cleaned my house and once finished my chicken was done! I then shredded all of the chicken off the bone, put the bone back in the crockpot, added water and things and made broth for freezing. The next day I took the chicken out, plus the various veggies, cheeses and Voila! I must say that this is working beautifully!

photo 3-1

Week 2

This is my second week of Mason Jar Salads, and boy oh boy is this a winner. I simply take a plastic fork with me to work, paper plates can be found at my job, so this is easier than the soup because I do not have to microwave anything. The possibilities with salads are endless, not to mention salad dressing. I am loving these salad’s and will continue with this route until I want something else. I will share my favorite salad combos and dressing as I go.