Fitness Update : May 2014


So,  you know how I signed up for a gym and was going to spinning and les mills classes, yea…….I haven’t done that in MONTHS! I still pay for the membership because I am under contract, but I have decided that Gym Memberships just are not for me.

Have I quite exercising completely? HELL NO! If anything I am much more consistent now that I am not forcing myself to go to classes. I run 4-5 days a week depending on the length of my long run and practice at least 30 minutes of Yoga daily. Post run, I like to do Yoga for Strength and Flexibility, on non run days I focus on inversions, breathing and the meditative side of things. I purchased the Tara Stiles DVD set a couple of months ago, so I just pop in a DVD and do one of the many flow routines. Once my Gym membership runs out, I will rejoin my favorite Yoga studio in town and go to classes a couple of times a week.

How is this working out for me? Quite well! My exercise is now consistent, I have lost more weight, I look leaner and am just plain happier with life (my legs look freaking awesome!). I am even getting up Earlier to get my exercise in (which is major for someone that likes to stay up nights and wake up later than the 8-5 crowd).

Legs 🙂

Like I have said along this journey before, I am finding what works and sticking with it!


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