My Soup Files | Easy Lunch



I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was brilliant! At the beginning of the month I took three separate days and made 3 soups with 8 servings each: Lamb and Lentil, Carrot Ginger, and Turkey Vegetable.

Before cooking the soup, I let it cool completely and then packaged in zip loc bags in single portions. I put them flat on a baking tray and stuck them in the freezer, so that each soup froze as compactly as possible.

imageThis is method left me with a total of 24 individually frozen fresh soups. No added preservatives, no ingredients I do not recognize, easy and hella tasty. In the morning I take out a “file” and put it in my lunch box along with a glass Tupperware bowl, by the time lunch rolls around the soup is thawed. I simply empty it into the bowl, microwave the soup and throw away the ziplock bag. *i put a half cup of quinoa in the Tupperware when I take the Carrot Ginger soup to add protein which will make it more filling*

This has been freak in AMAZING! This made more than enough soup for the work week for the month. I am more than sure that I will continue doing this for at least a little while. I tend to eat other options over the weekend, and I find three soups is enough variety to keep me interested and happy with my lunch choices each week.


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