Healthy Changes | Iced Green Tea


I fell off of my daily green tea wagon  about two months ago because drinking lemon water, a green smoothie and green tea each morning was getting to be a bit much on my digestive system. Last month I came up with a solution that I am enjoying and can stick with.

teaI make a pitcher of iced green tea each week by brewing one bag of green tea and one back of fruity herbal tea together in 8 ounces of filtered hot water (I usually add honey as well). Once the tea has steeped, I fill the pitcher the rest of the way with filtered ice water, thus creating iced tea. I add a couple of lemon slices and leave the tea bags in. Voila! A prepared non-water drink right in my own home. I usually have a cup of iced green tea when I get home in the evenings or with dinner for a nice refreshing, sweet treat.

Who knew iced green tea could be so great!



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