2014 Fitness Challenge | Daily Yoga


Last year, I focused on running and getting a consistent fitness schedule started, and that was largely successful. This year I want to focus on Yoga by practicing once a day every day.

For the month of January I focused on doing Surya Namaskara A and Surya Namaskara B daily, paying special attention to breath and just getting stronger. 

By the way, I have been practicing Yoga on and off again for several years now, my first Ashtanga class being some time in 2008. With January past, I decided to add some poses, aka a mini challenge, for the month of February. I have also begun going to Ashtanga Yoga class once a week again.

After my Vinyasas I work on Dancer’s Pose, which I realized I have not done outside of Hot Yoga class. Its much easier when sweat is not dripping down your foot :-).

Bow pose is next. I have tight quads, so this is a nice way to challenge my body to take itself a step further each day. I really focus on getting deeper into the pose by way of breath.

The last of the mini challenge is focused on the ever elusive split. Did I mention that I also have tight hips? Welp, as far as splits go, my philosophy is to just work towards them. A true split will more than likely take me years to achieve, but it will never happen if I do not work towards that goal.

I usually end my flow with an inverted pose or two because they are my favorite and believe it or not, the easiest for me. Probably because I used to do walking hand stands all the time as a kid. I end my practice with Shavasana for a total of about 20-30 minutes of yoga every day.


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