Prepped & Ready | Refrigerator Week 1



Last Sunday I put the plan into action. Instead of Mason Jars, I chose to use BPA free plastic snap containers. I had a Target gift card from Christmas, so I used it and purchased the set you see pictured above. I then prepped for the week, as seen in the picture below it.

On The Left: The purple containers hold sliced and chopped red onion for vegetable stir fry and whenever I need onions throughout the week. The purple container under that holds cooked ground beef and cooked brown rice. The container under that contains two par broiled green bell peppers.

In The Middle: The top container holds broccoli florets (there are holes in the top), under that we have sliced red bell pepper, and under that sliced carrots in filtered water.

To The Right: Cubed red cabbage and sliced red cabbage, under that there is cubed sweet potato covered in filtered water. Below that is cubed broccoli (holes in the top), and lastly blackberries and sliced strawberries.

I also made frozen burritos and prepped and froze a chicken breast for baking.

I used this for a week of food. Every morning for breakfast I had a Green Smoothie and a piece of toast with butter:


For lunch I had left overs, with exception of two days I took a fruit and yogurt parfait and a frozen burrito:


Dinner is where things got fun:

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Vegetable Stir Fry over Pearl Couscous

Chicken Quesadilla

Thurs & Fri

Thursday & Friday
Chicken Curry over Brown Basmati Rice


Chicken & Sweet Potato

Today I thawed out some Chicken Noodle soup for dinner and I will have the rest for lunch tomorrow. I am prepping tonight for the next week of meals. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I have a good bit of prepped vegetables left over, so I really just need to prep odds and ends for meals.

The initial prep last Sunday took 3 long hours, however the week was quite simple because everything was planned and chopped. Tonight it took 40 minutes and I think this week will be even easier, we shall see. Right now, this seems doable.


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