The Refrigerator | Plans


I will do a full year in review post, including pics by Monday, but in the mean time I thought I would talk about what I am working on right at this moment. I am trying to determine what I really need in my refrigerator,I mean, meal prep, snacking, dinner, etc on a daily basis. Right now my pantry is all set, I really have solidified what I need in my pantry and cabinets to lead a healthy lifestyle. I completely reworked what lies within my kitchen cabinets this year, and as the new year is approaching, I have decided that the next step in this journey will be revamping my refrigerator. I suspect his endeavor will take up most of next year as did the cabinets, but to give you an idea of what I mean, check this out:


I was surfing pinterest and ran into that picture and stopped in my tracks! Talking about a perfect idea! I am trying to determine how I want to take this idea and make it mine. I bought a couple of large Mason Jars for a homemade Indian Curry and Vegetable broth. I am trying to decide if I want to buy more mason jars or if I want air tight glass or plastic tuperware containers for the items on the other shelves. Regardless, this could work. I plan to do a  90 day challenge working with the above refrigerator idea. Like I said, I am still flushing out the details, but regardless, come January 1, I will start a 90 day challenge. Is it weird that I am excited about this idea? What do you think? Practical? Too expensive? a good start?


3 thoughts on “The Refrigerator | Plans

  1. Hmmm…It looks pretty but I’m not sure how you could stay on top of that all the time. This kind of organisation would meal you have to prep every time you buy a new ingredient and sometimes you just don’t get around to prep until you are about to eat. I do know that I’d like to get our fridge a bit more organised though. We currently have a whole shelf dedicated to sauces/pickles and spreads!

  2. Thanks for sharing this picture. Now that’s organized! With a hubby and a 12 year old, I don’t have total control over my fridge contents, but I like this idea. Good luck with the revamping of your refrigerator.

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