The No Holiday Weight Gain Plan


Last year, I was doing great, and then the Holidays came around and by January I gained 20 pounds. I slacked off on exercise and ate every crappy holiday thing I could between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Well, not this year! I didn’t gain a single pound after Thanksgiving, in large part due to the 10k race I did that morning. I did continue to eat moderately well for the weekend, but I also didn’t stop myself from enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers, pie and cookies. However, Sunday I sat down and wore out all of my meals and snacks for each day this week to ensure that I got back on a healthy eating and exercise plan.


I know, it sounds extreme, but this is my first year of intentional healthy eating, and I decided that I would do what is necessary to have a successful end of the year. I have been taking pictures of my meals since Monday, so I will share via a weekly update at the end of the week. I have mapped out 20 days, starting Monday in which I will eat with a conscious mindset toward health and exercise. Then I will eat as the Holiday’s allow for 5 days, while continuing to exercise. I will eat healthy for 5 days, and give myself New Years day to slack off. Then its back to an overall healthy lifestyle. I am a musician, and I have tons of Holiday gigs, so it would be easy to slack off, but with my meals listed as they are, I find myself just reaching for what I have prepared instead.

Yep, I mapped it out, and I’m sticking to it. I have made so much progress this year as far as my relationship with healthy food goes, and I refuse to let the Holiday’s steer me away from my set course. One day these things will come natural to me, but until then, I will continue planning a set course.


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