The Refrigerator | 90 Day Challenge


I have decided to take on the idea from my last post for 90 days. Every week I will religiously prep and plan (which I do for grocery shopping anyway).   I plan to use Mason Jars and Glass Lock containers like these:


The meal prep containers will contain exactly that, preparatory food for the week. That means that these containers will have the ingredients that I usually use in my dinners plus whatever I need for meals that week, the usual prep ingredients will include:

  • sliced red onion
  • pre-cut broccoli (sprouting lid)
  • pre-cut cauliflower (sprouting lid)
  • cubed bell pepper
  • cubed sweet potato (in filtered water)
  • red cabbage (sprouting lid)

In the eat containers, I plan to keep my regular fruits and vegetables, which include snacks and lunch sides. I LOVE fruit, so I will keep some fruit in my fruit basket on the counter as usual, but I also plan to keep a seasonal berry and another fruit that needs to be refrigerated in the fridge, these include:

  • celery sticks (in filtered water)
  • sliced bell pepper
  • berries
  • pineapple (melons, etc.)
  • boiled eggs

Lastly, the ready to go portion of my refrigerator will include:

  • Curry Sauce (homemade)
  • Vegetable broth (homemade)
  • 5 oz leafy greens
  • Pesto
  • Hummus
  • Lunch (which is often left over dinner)
  • Greek Yogurt

My crisper drawers will hold overflow for refilling, cheese, and herbs. Combined with the changes I have made to my pantry, this should work quite well to keep my eating clean. I tested this idea yesterday for snacks and dinner, I have tangerines and apples lying around, so I snacked on them and nuts (homemade granola recipe review coming soon). My tester began Sunday when I made an Indian curry sauce and put it in my fridge:

curry sauce

I took it out of my refrigerator, a can of beans and my pearl couscous from the pantry. I set the couscous to cooking and threw the beans in a pan covered it in curry sauce for warming, and 5-10 minutes later, I had a complete meal. Next time I will add bell pepper and record the process.

meal prep

It was so easy!!!!!!! My snacking was pretty brainless, and dinner included a grain and protein, next time I will add a veggie for a completely nutritious meal in no time. The great thing about curry sauce is that it can be used on beans, meat, and veggies and I use curry sauce often, so its something I feel safe keeping in my refrigerator. Plus I can make many different types of curry sauces thus keeping things interesting.

I was on the fence before last night, but now, I am pretty sure that this is a good step for me. Anyone else wanna join me and tell me your experience with this method along the way? The original blog that I found this pic on that explains the premise behind this idea is “Our Mindful Home.”

The Refrigerator | Plans


I will do a full year in review post, including pics by Monday, but in the mean time I thought I would talk about what I am working on right at this moment. I am trying to determine what I really need in my refrigerator,I mean, meal prep, snacking, dinner, etc on a daily basis. Right now my pantry is all set, I really have solidified what I need in my pantry and cabinets to lead a healthy lifestyle. I completely reworked what lies within my kitchen cabinets this year, and as the new year is approaching, I have decided that the next step in this journey will be revamping my refrigerator. I suspect his endeavor will take up most of next year as did the cabinets, but to give you an idea of what I mean, check this out:


I was surfing pinterest and ran into that picture and stopped in my tracks! Talking about a perfect idea! I am trying to determine how I want to take this idea and make it mine. I bought a couple of large Mason Jars for a homemade Indian Curry and Vegetable broth. I am trying to decide if I want to buy more mason jars or if I want air tight glass or plastic tuperware containers for the items on the other shelves. Regardless, this could work. I plan to do a  90 day challenge working with the above refrigerator idea. Like I said, I am still flushing out the details, but regardless, come January 1, I will start a 90 day challenge. Is it weird that I am excited about this idea? What do you think? Practical? Too expensive? a good start?

Crock Pot Happiness | Early Christmas Gift


I was speaking with my mom last week concerning my need for a crock pot because I so frequently make soup. Plus I could throw a whole chicken in there and have one for dinner, and so many other options. Well, my mom knows that I am always making soup, and she wants to partake as well, so she said well, why don’t I buy you a crock pot. I said, please do! So she bought me a crock pot from Kohl’s and I christened it last week with Turkey soup. I kept half and gave half to my parents.


Today I added some beans and things to the pot for dinner. I am making a multiple bean soup, I filmed it so I will post that video eventually. I don’t know what to eat with it, cornbread seems a bit much as far as health goes, but that is what I would usually eat with bean soup. Any suggestions?

The No Holiday Weight Gain Plan


Last year, I was doing great, and then the Holidays came around and by January I gained 20 pounds. I slacked off on exercise and ate every crappy holiday thing I could between Thanksgiving and the New Year. Well, not this year! I didn’t gain a single pound after Thanksgiving, in large part due to the 10k race I did that morning. I did continue to eat moderately well for the weekend, but I also didn’t stop myself from enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers, pie and cookies. However, Sunday I sat down and wore out all of my meals and snacks for each day this week to ensure that I got back on a healthy eating and exercise plan.


I know, it sounds extreme, but this is my first year of intentional healthy eating, and I decided that I would do what is necessary to have a successful end of the year. I have been taking pictures of my meals since Monday, so I will share via a weekly update at the end of the week. I have mapped out 20 days, starting Monday in which I will eat with a conscious mindset toward health and exercise. Then I will eat as the Holiday’s allow for 5 days, while continuing to exercise. I will eat healthy for 5 days, and give myself New Years day to slack off. Then its back to an overall healthy lifestyle. I am a musician, and I have tons of Holiday gigs, so it would be easy to slack off, but with my meals listed as they are, I find myself just reaching for what I have prepared instead.

Yep, I mapped it out, and I’m sticking to it. I have made so much progress this year as far as my relationship with healthy food goes, and I refuse to let the Holiday’s steer me away from my set course. One day these things will come natural to me, but until then, I will continue planning a set course.