Healthy Lunch-To Go


As I’ve stated before, I do not always bring my lunch to work. Sometimes I order something from a nearby restaurant, or I stop at a grocery store on my way in to work.  For example, today I had yogurt and rolled oats for breakfast and I had no prepped lunch to take to work, so for lunch I called the Chinese restaurant near my job and asked for “Chinese” vegetables and brown rice. They said sure, it will be ready in a couple of minutes. This is no different than the vegetable medleys I make at home, I specifically call Chinese restaurants because the vegetables are not pulverized or covered to death in sauce which leaves them healthy. The brown rice is added as a filler, grains are filling. The vegetables alone would not leave me satisfied for more than an hour, but with the addition of brown rice, I have a healthy meal that will satisfy for hours.

chinese vegetables

Other options include:

-Sandwiches in lettuce wraps or on wheat bread (from Jimmy Johns, Subway, etc.)

-Soup from Panera, Publix, Whole Foods, Earth Fare, etc.

I am not into salad as a lunch entree as I do not find salads alone to be satisfying in the long term, but I do not mind soup and salad as a lunch option.

-I also enjoy Green Smoothies from Planet Smoothie, Tropical Smoothie, my local health food stores, with a side of fruit, the greens in the smoothie make it more satisfying in the long term

-Stir Fry’s are another great option, meat with veggies is never a bad idea.

The only things I stay away from are fried foods, sodas, and sugars. I firmly believe you can easily eat healthy away from home, it may cost a little more (although it doesn’t have to), but in my book, its work any extra cost.


*On a side note, I am going to start posting my tastier green smoothie recipes as I make them under the Favorite Recipes tab above.


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