Group Fitness Classes


I stated in the video about my plan for this month that I am doing group fitness classes this month. Well, the first  week of the month was a bust. I just didn’t find the time to go in and sign up for the gym, etc. Well, the second week I made sure I signed up first thing Monday and signed up for spin class that evening. Last week I went to two spin classes and once Les Mills Body Pump class. I freakin LOVED IT!

1st: Spinning

I haven’t done a spin class since my Freshman year of college, so that was an illuminating experience. I was happy to find that I was able to make it through the class, meaning that I am in shape! Plus the class was a challenge, which means that it is right for me. I was so very sore the next day (especially in the parts of my but that the seat resides)! The class was high energy, the music was loud and PERFECT, it really helped to push me harder. The instructor was wonderful and very helpful with set up. I went back for my second spin class with a different instructor and enjoyed the class just as much.

2nd: Body Pump

HOLY HELL!!! That class was the challenge of my life! I thought I was pretty strong thanks to Zuzka, but the ladies in that class put me to shame! I wasn’t even using much weight! The combinations were just so effective at getting your muscles to that point where they are working hard. I mean I have never been so sore for so long in my life! I barely made it to the end of the 55 minute class! I felt like such a wimp in the end, but I am also really excited to see what this class will do for my body. Its just the challenge I am up for. The instructor was very helpful, and pumped to be there.  The atmosphere was one of seriousness, those ladies were there to lift and then once class was over they turned into the sweetest people you could meet. I am only doing this class once a week for now.

3rd: Yoga

I am still going to the same yoga studio, but I am now doing a flow class once a week (its in a heated room). I want to get more into my yoga practice and I feel that flow yoga is what I want right now. I was FINALLY able to do Wheel Pose, I didn’t think about it, I just suddenly went from Bridge to Wheel without any problems. I knew I was having a mental block with the pose, and I finally broke through. The high that came from that achievement lasted me days.

All in all, I think I FINALLY found the perfect sustainable fitness for me. I LOVE group fitness, and I am glad I decided to spend the money on that instead of renewing a standard gym membership. I will be doing the same classes this week, two spinning, one body pump, and one flow yoga class plus 3 days of running. Yep, I am kicking my own ass to reach my goals.


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