Recipe Review:East Indian Chicken Curry


On my last grocery shopping trip I bought a good bit of chicken because it was on sale. I froze everything except the chicken thighs because I knew I was going to make SOMETHING from them when I got home. My favorite way to eat chicken (when not considering fried) is sauced or heavily spiced, which for me generally means Indian cooking. I of course turned to handy dandy Youtube and came across this video/channel:

I had everything for the dish, so I gave it a go. Boy oh boy was I happy I made this dish, its delicious and more than I expected! I really felt like it was a dish I could have gotten from a local Indian restaurant. I always use plain greek yogurt for my Indian dishes, meaning that it is a healthy dish. I also used coconut oil for the initial cooking. I paired the curry with Brown Basmati Rice because it soaks up flavor very well and is just as nutritious as other brown grain rice.  The dish is actually quite simple to make and the flavors just meld together so beautifully. Its not spicy/hot at all, so I would probably add more green chili’s next time because I LOVE hot food. Otherwise the dish was perfect as is, which for me, is rare.

I would make this dish again in a heart beat, but instead I plan to try one of the lentil dishes as my lunch entree for next week. This Youtube channel is a very welcome find and one I plan to take full advantage of.


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