Quinoa and Kidney Bean Salad


Saturday evening, while making my grocery list, I almost put some chicken on the list, in order to make the Zuzka Light sexy abs recipe before I said to myself, why buy when you have plenty of stuff in your pantry? I walked over to the pantry, opened the doors and said to myself, you haven’t eaten Quinoa in awhile, and you haven’t used your beans yet, lets see what we can find. During my recipe search , I stumbled across this video:

I prepared the Quinoa in a water and oj mixture, and I made fresh beans from my Mason Jar dry bean stash. Let me just take a moment to say that the Mason Jar legumes, grains and beans idea is the best idea I have had yet. I truly use something from those jars at least once a day, ok back to the topic at hand. I had pretty much everything needed for the recipe already in my home, so after my grocery trip, I put some beans on to cook (I soaked them the night before.  While the Quinoa cooked, I chopped away, added spices, and by the time the Quinoa was done, I was done preparing the dish. The only change I made was to the parsley, I prefer Cilantro, and since she suggested substitutions, I chose to take her suggestion.

I made this dish for my lunch entree of the week. Yesterday I ate it cold and today I ate it warm, and I have to say I prefer it warm, but it was good cold. All in all, the spices really make this dish taste delicious, and the combo of protein and veggies is filling and seriously nutritious. This weeks lunch sides include Cherries, Cucumber (with salt and olive oil), Bell Pepper (Green and Red) and Hummus for dipping. I’ll talk about my work snack Thursday.



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