I bought a lunch bag last month because its a very simple way to bring lunch to work each week. However, as you know, I ate out for lunch most of the time last month out of sheer laziness and lack of preparation. Well, as part of this months pledge to only eat from Home, I went to Walmart in search of food containers to bring lunch because the Ziploc bag option is just so very wasteful to me. After standing and looking at tupperware for about 30 minutes (its actually a mind numbing experience), I decided on this (plus a couple of small .5 cup snack containers):



It was only about $7. I didn’t buy it for the purpose of a sandwich, even though that is a great option, I bought it for its potential to hold fruits, nuts, and vegetables. I feel that if I fill the bottom portion with veggies, the top small container with dip, the second small container with fruit, and the side with dessert, nuts, or more fruit its perfect. I still plan to take an entree in my larger 2 cup pyware because they are microwaveable. I feel that this container is the perfect balance of fruits and veggies for a balanced and healthy lunch, regardless of my entree, which could really be anything (pasta, soup, sandwich, salad, etc). The containers are small, which means I will be eating proportionately.

Today’s Lunch:


Entree: Brown Rice Pasta with Red Sauce, Sides/Snacks: Carrots, Red Bell Pepper, Hummus, Cherries, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds(Not pictured below)

A couple bottles of water and/or tea always accompanies me from the house, so I almost never buy a drink when I am out and about.  I can definitely say that this is a step in the correct direction for a more fit me.  I will finish my day with a green smoothie pre-run and Salmon with grains/veggies for dinner. By the way, I usually post my day to day food interestingness on Instagram, Missmusic12.

Oh and I bought my lunch bag from Target for $9.99


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