Healthy Tacos


I know I was supposed to make the pasta last night, but I needed to use my ground chicken, so I made delicious tacos instead. Do you remember when I bought the Brown Rice Tortillas? Well, I finally used them, all I can say is tasty and healthy, can’t beat it!!!!

I got the idea for brown rice pasta as well as brown rice tortillas from the Youtuber DearNaptural85:

I used ground chicken for the fillings along with onions, peppers and mushrooms. It is soooo delicious, I made hard taco shells by folding the shell and warming in a pan, once one side was hard I flipped it to the other. I had one for dinner and one for lunch this afternoon with a sweet potato as a side. Soooooooo good!!!! I will make pasta tomorrow, for my last two meals today, I will have a green smoothie (will post on Instagram) and another taco with avocado as a side. I’m very happy with this discovery and will continue my brown rice adventures tomorrow!

taco2 taco


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