Ahhh, yea, I am back. I had to find my stride again since beginning work, and I am pretty sure I have it, so I will get back to this blogging business. Ok, when we left off I was optimistic about my progress, well, I got in a funk and was sad for a moment that I have not met my goals. After wallowing for a bit, I came to the conclusion that I really have to get my sugar intake under control, no more letting things slide. I’m back at 142 cause of sugar, however I am still exercising like a champ, which is probably why I haven’t gained a ton of weight.

I never did buy the Zuzka DVDs, which has allowed me to put off some exercise, well NO MORE! I signed up for ZGym today, so I will begin a personal 90 day challenge tomorrow. Yes, 90 Days, with 30 day body shot updates. I am following her schedule as outlined in ZGYM! 1st set of progress pics will go up August 13th, no matter what. I will continue to do Ashtanga yoga once a week and run as I feel able to.

I have recipes to review and post, so I will do that this week because my food intake is petty good aside from the sweets I so enjoy. Let’s do this, we have goals to meet!


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