An Up to Date Chat


Hi All!!!

I have been out for a couple of weeks for two reasons, I’ve been sick and there was a death in my family. It was more the second thing than the first that made me unplug for a bit.  I made a delicious chicken and veggie soup while sick, but other than that, there really wasn’t anything remarkable about my eating. It was still good, but my exercise was not as spectacular, as I just felt sad and sluggish. I’m at a lovely 144 lbs and am happy about it, although I still want to lose 14 lbs.

Resultantly, I’ve pledged to myself for the month of August to not eat out more than once a week and to exercise at least every other day, religiously. With my new job, I kind of got into the habit of buying lunch, nothing unhealthy, but not homemade none the less. As tomorrow is August 1, I figured there would be no better time than the present to get back into the swing of things. I decided to not renew my ZGYM membership as I do not see it as being much different than the ZWOWs already offered on Youtube. However, Yoga and running is and will continue to be a constant. Plus, I still plan to run a 5k by the end of the year.

I am currently contemplating the Simple Green Smoothies 21 Day Cleanse, just for the purpose of recipe ideas really. I plan to eat from home at least 28 days this month, so why not give my body a nice cleanse. Its nothing major, just clean making a pledge to eat whole foods.  Means that it wouldn’t be much different from what I already do, and it would give me some new ideas for healthy eating.

The only hitch, $47. That’s really not a lot of money, but its enough to make me pause and give the idea some thought first. The green smoothie challenge was free, so a pause is necessary, but I have savings, so why not?

Tonight I am making Brown Rice Pasta with an Avocado based sauce. I will post a recipe review tomorrow. Does anyone want me to post my delicious chicken and veggie soup recipe?


Healthy Tacos


I know I was supposed to make the pasta last night, but I needed to use my ground chicken, so I made delicious tacos instead. Do you remember when I bought the Brown Rice Tortillas? Well, I finally used them, all I can say is tasty and healthy, can’t beat it!!!!

I got the idea for brown rice pasta as well as brown rice tortillas from the Youtuber DearNaptural85:

I used ground chicken for the fillings along with onions, peppers and mushrooms. It is soooo delicious, I made hard taco shells by folding the shell and warming in a pan, once one side was hard I flipped it to the other. I had one for dinner and one for lunch this afternoon with a sweet potato as a side. Soooooooo good!!!! I will make pasta tomorrow, for my last two meals today, I will have a green smoothie (will post on Instagram) and another taco with avocado as a side. I’m very happy with this discovery and will continue my brown rice adventures tomorrow!

taco2 taco



I hadn’t eaten pasta in a good long time before last week. I mean at least 4 months, maybe more because we all know that regular pasta is not unhealthy, but it is not the greatest for those trying to loose weight. I tried whole grain pasta, and although it was fine, it tasted grainy. I am not looking for a grainy taste from my pasta, nope, nada, never. Then the solution came to me in a youtube blog, Brown Rice Pasta!!!

Yes, I tried Brown Rice pasta last week and it was fantabulous! Tastes just like the flour version and it soaks up sauce flavors just as easily. On the down side, it takes longer to cook, but I can surely live with that. I made a cold chicken and pasta salad, it had tons of veggies and was delicious. As a result, I now have another healthy food option.


This is the one I used for the cold chicken pasta salad.

I plan to buy a different brand after work today and make an asparagus, pasta, and bean dish (maybe fava, snap peas, or italian green beans?) tomorrow. I haven’t decided, I’ll post a pic on Instagram. If it comes out good, I’ll post the recipe here. I am always excited to find an alternative to something I enjoy because it proves that you do not have to give up your favorite foods to be healthy, you just have to find good alternatives.

Roasted Squash Soup


I am a soup girl through and through, I like soup all times of year with no exceptions. The wonderful thing about this recipe is you can use whatever squash is available. I used acorn and butternut squash, and it came out so very delicious.

I combined the ingredients from this video:

With the portions from this recipe from Food Network:

Savory Squash Soup

I do not like nutmeg in my soups because it tends to overpower the flavor of the squash, and I added honey as per the video. Once done, it was the best Squash soup I have ever tasted!! Seriously delicious and low on the calories because it is a vegetable soup. The biggest calorie guzzler is the cream, but as I said, its a vegetable soup, so you can afford to have that fat. If you are looking for a great soup recipe, give this a go.



Ahhh, yea, I am back. I had to find my stride again since beginning work, and I am pretty sure I have it, so I will get back to this blogging business. Ok, when we left off I was optimistic about my progress, well, I got in a funk and was sad for a moment that I have not met my goals. After wallowing for a bit, I came to the conclusion that I really have to get my sugar intake under control, no more letting things slide. I’m back at 142 cause of sugar, however I am still exercising like a champ, which is probably why I haven’t gained a ton of weight.

I never did buy the Zuzka DVDs, which has allowed me to put off some exercise, well NO MORE! I signed up for ZGym today, so I will begin a personal 90 day challenge tomorrow. Yes, 90 Days, with 30 day body shot updates. I am following her schedule as outlined in ZGYM! 1st set of progress pics will go up August 13th, no matter what. I will continue to do Ashtanga yoga once a week and run as I feel able to.

I have recipes to review and post, so I will do that this week because my food intake is petty good aside from the sweets I so enjoy. Let’s do this, we have goals to meet!