I’ve been MIA for a bit because I started a new job last week. This job means that I am eating lunch at the office as opposed to at home. So now, I am bringing lunch and snacks to work. So far salads and sandwiches have worked for me, I want to start bringing soup next week, but I need a lunch  box. For those who read this occasionally, where do you get a lunch box from?


Banana, Banana Chips, Walnuts, Pear, Water

By the way, I lost ANOTHER pound, so I am down to 140 lbs, which is unbelievable to me. I am happy to have met my 15 lbs weight loss goal at this point, and I plan to continue and loose 10 more. My goal is still January 2014, but we shall see, it is more important for me to make small changes that will eventually get me to my goal, rather than quick and easy weight loss.

Fitness is still going strong and I have found two races that I want to run, one 5k in August and one Half Marathon in December. I am looking forward to the challenge of both. I am still running every other day, as weather permits, and I am now consistently going to yoga. I wanted to wait until my gym contract was up before I began paying for yoga. I am going to Yoga class twice a week, class #1 is Ashtanga (one can never go wrong with the primary series), and class #2 is Hot Yoga (I LOVE how my body feels after this class). I am going to my old faithful Yoga studio, I first went there in 2006 and have been going ever since because it is just that great of a studio.  When not running or doing Yoga I do a ZWOW, but now that Zuzka has her whole online thing, I am going to start the Strength Training DVD next week. I’m excited to see what changes that will bring.

I will post a video this weekend showing my Six Month progress and talk about my plans for continuing this journey to a more fit me.


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