Weekly Update: 06/11/13


I did it again, I lost another pound, this brings me to 141! That means so far this year I have lost 14 lbs, and I did it in a sustainable way. Which means I have kept off the pounds, made great permanent changes, and I have solid plans to continue on this journey until I reach my 20 pound goal, and beyond.

This past week was great in the food department, I have another recipe to review, and I used papaya in my smoothies this week. I have never used an actual papaya before, just papaya juice, so that was an interesting change. I discovered that I do not really like papaya by itself, you live and you learn. I froze fresh beans for the first time last week, I plan to use them in salads and for bean curry, which I haven’t had in awhile. I mostly ate fish last week and chicken last week, with some cheesecake factory thrown in there while out of town. My sweets for last week included Fat Boy Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches and Apple Pie.

I also managed to get in my three runs last week, but no strength training. I will start the Zuzka Strength series next week, but in the mean time I plan to get at least 4 runs in this week and a ZWOW twice this week. I plan to try a new taco recipe this week as well. As you can see, I am taking this health thing a week at a time because it seems to be working for me.


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