A Quick and Easy Couscous Dinner Review


One night last week I was trying to decide what to eat for dinner, and instead of being proactive and walking into my kitchen, I procrastinated by hopping on my computer to watch Youtube videos. During my perusal, I came across a new Zuzka Light video in which she shared a new recipe:

As I was watching I realized that I had almost all of the ingredients for this recipe sitting in my kitchen, as a result I decided to get off of my bum and make this Sexy Abs recipe. The only ingredient I did not have was canned tomatoes, but I did have half of a tomato in my fridge which I had previously used for a salad, so I simply substituted half a real tomato for the canned tomato. I would have used a whole tomato if I had one, but it did not make a difference in the recipe. I even mixed together her spice mixture because I like to follow the recipe the first time, and then make any necessary changes the next time if I decide to make it again.  Well, of course I made the dish and was pleasantly surprised.


form my Instagram (Missmusic12)

This dish packs great flavor, and its not that healthy food type of flavor, no its just good flavor in general. The spice mixture is really quite delightful and I did not even realize that there was no additional salt in the recipe until I was half of the way through eating because it did not need any extra salt. I made four portions from this recipe, I ate it twice as is, and I added the mixture along with lettuce for a wrap the next two times. It was so delicious! As far as quick goes, well once you start cooking, it is quick, but I have to say its not a 10 minute meal, more like 20, so its still quick, just not as simple one pot meal quick. Was it easy, quite so, I mean there were no special techniques involved, which makes this ideal for any level cook. I will make this again and I encourage you to give it a go and tell me what you think!


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