Weekly Update



This means that my detox did what I wanted it to, it gave my body a little shock and a boost. I have been consistently getting my runs in, 3 a week so far. I hope to bump it up to 4 a week, but it is going to depend on time as I am doing more traveling this summer. Zuzana of Zuzkalight.com has come out with a strength series and I plan to begin that as soon as the videos arrive alongside my running. The running is a great stress reliever for me, it also seems to give me more energy and I can’t help be happy with how my legs are beginning to look. I took some new body photos this weekend that I will share this week once I load them.

Food has been so much better on my part since deciding to allow myself sweets. I have stopped binging and am instead controlling my sugar intake. Cold turkey is not the way to go for this sugar addict, instead controlling when and how frequently I  intake my allowed sweets seems to be a better solution. I have been trying some awesome recipes, so I will be sharing those as well. Its been almost 6 months since I began this health journey, and so far things are going great!!! I am slowly making changes (be sure the health changes tab to keep up with those), and as a result I have more energy, my skin is glowing, and I just plain feel good!


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