3 Day Detox


Well, my detox was quite successful, I ate raw food the whole weekend and celebrated for making it to the end with a Coronarita + chips and salsa from Applebees. You may say to yourself, well that was self sabotage, but I would say to you that it was exactly what I needed. I decided that I cannot cut out sweets just yet. I need to allow myself to slowly learn to control my sweet tooth by controlling my intake gradually. So, I am going to allow myself one sweet binge once a week until I feel that I can space it out more than that. Other than that, I am doing a great job at eating healthy. My raw food weekend consisted of salads, green smoothies, and lots of tea. Check out my Instagram for the specific salads I ate.

I am very proud of myself for making it through those three days because on day two I was sooooo hungry, craving everything, and just plain unhappy, but I drank some tea and kept on going. So far this week, my metabolism seems to be amped up, I have lots of energy, and all is right with the world!


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