Three Day Reboot/Detox


This blog is to track my journey to health, so I think its just as important to keep track of the failures. So far this month, I have failed at eating healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I have mostly been eating healthy, but almost every day I have been doing something that is unhealthy, like eating candy, eating donuts, or eating too many calories. As a result I have decided to do a 3 day reboot, beginning today. During these three days I will only eat fruits, vegetables, and nuts; plus I will drink lots of tea, green and herbal teas. I plan to drink green smoothies fore every meal, and eat vegetables for side dishes, and nuts for snacking. Just for three days, then I will go back to eating on my current health plan. This will give me the opportunity to use up the extra supply of stuff in my fridge and freezer. I will continue to exercise as that I has not fallen by the wayside (that seems to be the easy part of being fit for me). I will report exactly what I ate and drank for these three days come Monday.

I love the Green Plate Rule website


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