I’ve Hit a Plateau: April Results


It took me a month to make that assertion, but as far as my weight loss goes I have hit a plateau. Last month I did not lose any weight, I did maintain at 43 lbs, and lost 1 inch. This confirms for me that I am toning up, thanks to Zuzka, my cellulite is disappearing (every woman’s dream). As a result I will continue to do Zuzka, however I have to change something about my fitness because my body is used to what I have been doing.  I have to re-evaluate my cardio, and do what has worked for me in the past, the gym machines are not cutting it.

Food-wise, my eating is going well. I have successfully managed to incorporate oats, seeds, and grains into my everyday life. However, my vegetable consumption has fallen a little by the wayside, I need to be sure to eat a serving of veggies with 3 of my meals.  This past month I ate 1200 calories a day as well as 1500 to determine just what is right for me, and after that experiment, I have determined that 1200 is right for me, with a little extra when I exercise. Green smoothies have become a way of life for me, so that is great,  I have continued to drink one a day and I find them very satisfying. I managed to have my requisite tea most days, and I have actually become more interested in more teas, so I can safely say that is a change that I will probably become habit.

I will post my May-July plan tomorrow. I want to do a 3 month plan this time, evaluating food each month.


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