Recipe Review: Tuscan Couscous Stew


I made this wonderful recipe this past weekend, and all I can say is holy food batman, its delicious!!! I only made half of her recipe and I used chicken thigh’s for meat. This dish is so flavorful for one with only a few spices, it has tons of veggies, beans and protein plus semolina meaning its an incredibly healthy, yet tasty meal. I have never made couscous in this manner before, so I was quite surprised at how great the semolina came out without going through the whole boiling in water process. I really think its the mixing of spices with the semolina that takes this recipe over the top!!! I only made half of the recipe, but the veggie portion came out to be so much that I froze half for another batch of the full stew in the not so distant future. I ate it that day and Monday-Thursday this week for a total of 5 servings from half the veggies, the full meat portion and the full portion of semolina. This recipe is definitely going in the favorite’s column. After adding the recipe to myfitness pal, each portion that I ate came out to 315 calories, plus each portion is a very filling full meal, so no sides were necessary, making this an A+ recipe.


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