April Challenges: Week 2 Update



This week I cheated, as I stated in a previous post, my sweet tooth took over for a couple of days. However, I got back on track by the weekend and I now have new dessert choices in my house for next time that craving for sweets kicks in. I have managed to eat Quinoa twice this week, so I am good on that, however I have not been drinking tea twice a day this past week. That may be one of the reasons my sweet tooth kicked in, when I was drinking tea, I didn’t crave sweets as much (hmmmmm).


I have been LOVING Zuzana’s workouts!!! This past week, I decided to start at number one and do the first thirty instead of jumping around by doing 6 ZWOW’s a week. After doing the first 30, I will go back and do them again hoping to beat my original times. I also did cardio with 5 of the 6 ZWOW’s (went for a run twice, arc trainer once, and treadmill once).

ZWOW #1 in 26:06 (This was HARD!)

ZWOW #2 in 20:22

ZWOW #3 in 20:15

ZWOW #4 in 26:29

ZWOW #6 4 Rounds

ZWOW #7 in 18:09


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