Grocery List: 04/07/2013


This week begins the 2nd week of the Green Smoothie Challenge, and there are some interesting things in the works that I have not tried before, like Cacao Power (I don’t like chocolate, so I am weary of this), and Rice Milk (I didn’t like almond milk in my smoothie, so I don’t hold out much hope for this). I have a handle on this challenge, so I will not be drinking smoothies for breakfast, I like to get my oats and/or grains in for breakfast, so I will have smoothies for one of the other 3 meals in my day. We shall see how this works, but I like the idea.

The List

Fruits & Vegetables



Green Grapes

Pomegranate Seeds

Orange Bell Pepper


Sweet Potatoes

Meat & Fish


Pasta, Beans & Seeds

Rolled Oats


Cacao Powder

Coconut Water

Rice Milk


Yogi Green Tea


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