April Before Stats + Weekly Update 1


Monday I took a new set of before pictures for this challenge, weighed myself in, and this time I took some measurements so that I can keep track of inches lost as well.

Weight: 143 lbs
Biceps: 12″
Waist: 29″
Thigh: 22″
Bum: 41″

So far this week I have had two Smoothies a day, as per the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge recipes. This challenge has been great because I am using ingredients that I have never used before in my green smoothies, like Avocado and Almond Milk (hated the almond milk!). Plus, this makes my meal planning easy because I only have to account for two more meals each day.  I have been taking a picture and posting the different types of smoothies I ingest on my Instagram each day. I have only managed to eat Quinoa once this week, so I am still shooting for at least one more day this week.

Fitness wise, I have been getting my ASS kicked by way of Zuzana’s ZWOW’s. This week I have done four ZWOW’s:

These workouts are short, but very taxing. I also did 10 minutes of cardio (jump roping and 10 minutes on Arc Trainer, separately) after the ZWOW twice this week. I will go for a run sometime this weekend, and I have a belly dance class in the morning. I did not go to Tennis this week, but I will be sure to go next week (baring any cancellations).


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