Snacking: My Fav’s


There are many a snacks out there, some simple, some not, some healthy, some not so much.  However, my two favorite snacks in the whole entire world are Wasabi Peas and Popcorn. Yes, those are probably odd to most people, but I am always happy with either in my possession, the added bonus is that they are both healthy. Let me just note that both of these snacks can also be considerably unhealthy, you the consumer have to be aware of portions, ingredients, and how the products are made.

Its very easy to eat healthy popcorn. Just do what I do and either pop kernels in an air popper or in a pot on the stove.  Feel free to add a couple of tablespoons ofcoconut oil to the stove top version for added flavor and health, or add a tsp of popcorn salt to either to get a good dose of iodine, you could even add a pat of butter and still have a healthy snack.  This delicious snack becomes unhealthy went you add several tablespoons of oil, and/or tons of salt, and/or butter.  I’m not talking movie popcorn here, I am talking homemade popcorn. The store bought microwave popcorn can also be healthy if you buy the kinds with little to no salt or butter (100 calorie bags), etc, but in the end all of the preservatives added in make the product considerably less than appealing. If you prefer microwave popcorn, simply buy brown lunch bags, add kernels and oil, and pop away. Yes, it is that easy. The crunching gives your body a happy I’m eating feeling, while you enjoy the taste of whole grains.

My other favorite snack, Wasabi Peas, are just roasted or fried peas (generally, chick peas) covered in wasabi powder, and/or sugar, and or salt. I have yet to try to make my own Wasabi peas, but I am quick to buy a couple of pounds from my local health food store. Why? Because when I buy from the health food store or oriental market, I know that the peas I buy are roasted and dusted with wasabi powder, some sugar, and salt. Mainly because I have done the research, so I know which brands to buy and which one’s to stay away from. The punch of spice from the Wasabi also gives your body a metabolism boost while giving you a shot of fiber and preventing tooth decay (random, but true).

That is the key to keeping these tasty treats healthy, stay away from Wasabi peas that are fried, covered in Corn Starch, sugar, and salt; stay away from popcorn that is made in butter and oil mixtures. As a person who is taking charge of their health, you know that you have to read labels and make conscious decisions about what you eat, so do not overlook anything here.


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