April Challenge: Fitness


I want continue to do easily accessible fitness that I do not have to pay for at least until my gym membership runs out. I really do not see the sense in paying more each month to get my fitness in. I rather spend the money on fun active things, clothes, etc.  So, I have been scouring Youtube for a channel that will give my the type of workouts I like to do, that can be done either at the gym or at home because I do not want to be dependent on my gym. Why Youtbe? Because I can access it on my tv and phone making it a great portable workout source.  After looking at several great fitness channels, I decided on Zuzka Light:

Her workouts are short, she explains each workout, their free, and I aspire to have a body that looks more like hers.  I intend to do at least 4 ZWOW’s each week, and I will take a run each week for a total of 5 workouts.  I will also continue to go to Tennis twice a week, because I am enjoying myself (I am learning to play, so its not much of a workout yet), and I plan to start belly dancing classes next month (again in the beginner stage, so not much of a workout, just fun).

I will take Before pics next Monday and post them along with the first ZWOW I choose to do.


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