A Not So Guilty Treat


Red Mango

Yesterday I had my first overwhelming urge to have something sweet, and a piece of fruit was not cutting it. My first thought was, Krispy Kreme, then a piece of cake. The longer I thought about it, the more things I wanted, I know this is a slippery slope for me, so I then turned to my calorie counter.  I used myfitnesspal to check out the calories for each option, and each option was too many calories considering I only had dinner left and I had not exercised yesterday.  Then I passed by a Frozen Yogurt shop and was like, YES!!!!!! I looked up the calories for what I wanted and it was a whopping 100 calories, so I did a nice U-turn and bought a 4 oz container of my favorite soft serve.

It felt so very good to indulge, and because of the low calorie count, best part was that I didn’t feel bad at all. I have found my new indulgence, I will not partake more than once a week, but it feels good to find something to indulge in and not feel guilty.



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